Q. What points should a potential student consider when choosing an Acting School?

A. Self realisation and self analysis is integral for an aspirant to achieve their dream of working in the entertainment industry. Therefore, while one chooses an Acting School, he/she should be extra cautious in checking the background any institute has i.e. the projects they have delivered, the mentors associated, projects procured by the previous students and the pedagogy followed maintaining the right balance between theory and practicals.

Q. Does DIFA help its students to obtain work as actors?

A. DIFA helps its students throughout the course duration and even after that to ensure they get the right platform in the field of their choice. We offer relevant information, reference, recommendation and advice to obtain work in the Indian film, theatre and TV industry. However, DIFA does not guarantee placements for its students rather facilitate the process.

Q. Is it important to be fluent in English and/or Hindi for joining the courses at DIFA?

A. The courses offered at DIFA use both Hindi and English therefore whether or not you know both the languages has no effect on pursuing the course. All it takes is determination among aspirants to follow their passion to join the entertainment industry.

Q. What is the success ratio as far as obtaining acting assignments by the students is concerned once they complete their course at DIFA?

A. At DIFA, we ensure that the students get the relevant exposure during the course duration itself that paves the path for them to get work assignments at the earliest.

Q. Who are the teachers at DIFA?

A. The teachers or mentors at DIFA come from diverse backgrounds having made their mark in the entertainment industry over their journey here. The students get to learn from veteran and competent in-house as well as guest faculty as the course demands.